One of the most important components of a central air conditioning and heating system is the type of duct system being used to deliver the air to each individual room.

  • Leaking inside a duct system –  the less efficient the system
  • Less professionally installed systems have more restriction and less air flow decreasing the efficiency of a system ev
  • Manufacturer (SEER) seasonal energy efficiency rating is dependent on a good quality duct installation
  • A poorly designed & installed duct system can easily bring down the 16.00 SEER rating or 20.00 SEER rating that you paid extra in a high efficiency system for.

When getting a quote on a new system, ask the salesman what type of duct system will be installed. Flexible duct or flex duct systems have a substantially lower installation cost than a metal duct system; however, a flexible duct system is less efficient and has a limited lifetime. A properly installed metal duct system is more efficient and usually last longer than the mechanical equipment being installed. When getting quotes on new air conditioning and heating installation, make sure you know what type of duct system is being quoted. This is another reason why choosing your installing dealer may be even more important than the type of equipment being installed. he lowest price quoted is usually not the best deal on a central air conditioning and heating system.